Matthew 7:2 “For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged…”



Cabin Time


Judgment comes in many shapes and sizes.  We have all had someone judge us for something that was not true.  Sometimes, judgment comes because of an assumption about our character because of what they see on the outside (for example, thinking you are not smart because that person does not think you look the part, or thinking they are better than you because they didn’t get pregnant as a teenager).  The problem with judgment is that none of us are perfect.


When was the last time you felt that someone was judging you?  I am going to make a strong assumption here that, as a teen mom, you have been judged by other people!  How did it make you feel?  Was the person’s assessment right or wrong?


Read Matthew 7:2 above.  What do you think this means?



Going Deeper


Read Matthew 7:1-5.  Discuss verses 1-2.  What do they mean?


Discuss verses 3-4.  What do they mean?


We humans are quick to judge and slow to see our own imperfections.  It is so easy for me to catch when my husband is being short with the children, but it is so hard for me to see when I am doing the same thing!  These verses are a warning for us:  We should make sure we are not failing in the same way we are judging others.


Discuss verse 5.  What does it mean?


What are some things that you tend to judge others on?  What are some ways you can remove the plank in your own eye first?


Life Application and Further Study


Today’s lesson is short because I think that this requires a lot of inner reflection.  Take some time to think about the ways that you might be judging others.  As I asked earlier, is there a similar plank in your own eye?  Even if there is not, think about how their situation might not be what it seems.  Take time to pray for that person (or those people), and also pray that God would help you to become a more mature Christian by not judging so quickly.  Let us all remember that if life were truly fair and justified, none of us would ever make it to heaven.  God had mercy on us; let us have the same mercy on others.