A little about Melissa

I’m a mom of two young boys and a wonderful military husband.   We are currently at our 6th military assignment and have lived in Washington, Texas, Arizona, Idaho, Japan, and Nevada.  I love to write and hope to be published someday…but only when God ordains it.  My favorite topics of conversation are Christian living, parenting, military life, travel, running and God’s word.  But not necessarily in that order.


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5 thoughts on “A little about Melissa

  1. I think it’s awesome that you are doing teen mom bibles studies its so needed. I just started a group at my church with the teens and teen moms. What made you start doing this? I pray continued blessings over you, your family and ministry.

    Be Blessed,

  2. I was blessed to come across this biblestudy. I just started a group at my church with single mothers, most of them teenage moms up to about age 30. The older single moms were teenage moms as well. I pray that God continues to bless you and speak life through you.


  3. Yea, Melissa! So happy to find your wonderful site. Blessings on you and your writing ministry!
    Through YoungLives, I too, have a Sunday School class of a few teen moms who are now out of high school and need to move out of club, but stay in the Word. Will be praying for you all! It’s a challenge with eternal value. To God be the glory!

  4. A woman I met through a prayer group started a teen mom support group/bible study. I became a part of that group, I am 18 with a 21 month old little boy and a little girl on the way. Our first bible study was based around your Unprepared: Filling a pool with an empty cup lesson. It was so beautiful and I found it very useful. On the print out she gave us was this website so I figured I’d come check it. This is definitely a page I can see myself visiting frequently.

  5. i really wanted to thank you for doing this
    im a mentor with younglives in costa rica and i have recently discovered this sight! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU
    pls keep it up! you definitely have a gift and the Lord is using it around the world for His glory!
    grace & peace

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